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Airology provides our paragliding community with the highest quality products that enable safe and enjoyable adventuring.

We are proud importers of Skywalk Paragliders, aligned with their fascination of wind, nature, sports and innovation. They are engineers by trade and freedom seekers at heart. Their paragliders continue to rank globally, as the most loved and trusted paragliding brands. Together with the Skywalk team, our curiosity and environmental sustainability continues to driving how we work. We also love that they are also exploring the development of wind power to use renewable energy too.

This seasons’ hot product: the mint

The new Mint two liner C has arrived and is in stock. The independent review from Dust of the Universe has compared it with a range of D and C liners. Checkout the comparison for yourself.

The new MINT 2 line C is in stock

Pricelist (current March 2023)

Call Airology on 0434 364 813, or email us @ to get a quote, arrange a test or make your purchase.


MESCAL EN A Safe and Fun  $4490

TEQUILA EN B (low) $4990

ARRIBA EN B (lightweight) $4990

ARAK AIR EN B (lightweight) $5190

CHILI5 EN B high $5790

CUMEO2 EN B high(light) $5990

MINT 2 liner C $6490

SALSA reserve 90/110/135 from $840

PEPPER CROSS LIGHT  90/110/135/180/225    $1050/$1290/$1450

Tapa XAlps ultralight reserve 90/105/ 125 from $1250 (weight as little as 794g)

CRUISE Harness supreme!!! Safety, Comfort and compact – all in one package! $1490

BREEZE2 Permair set* $1290

CORE Permair set* $690

*both available in Pure set for:

    BREEZE2   $890 CORE   $590

HIKE BACKPACK  from $235

   35/55/75     $265/$295/$325


90/120/150 $185/$205/$225

EASY BAG quick pack $260

KOLI Stuff Sack $150

Concertina Zip5r $110

Asstd Clothing including new SKYWALK/SALEWA FLY jacket

VARIOS – from $125 (Bluefly, MipBip, Le Bip – Pro, BlueBip, and ULTRA, Skytraxx2.1 and 5)