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Something Big is coming soon

To say we’re walking on air is pretty close to the mark………………………….A huge announcement is coming very soon STAY TUNED!

X-Pyr 2022 starts tomorrow!

25.6.22 Wishing our very own Rich Binstead a great race.

The X-Pyr 2022 race starts tomorrow and we wish all pilots a safe and fun race, pushing their own limits as they race across the Pyrénées.

A Bright local, tandem pilot and Flight Instructor, Richard Binstead is one of the competitors this year and we wish him every success. Rich is an accomplished competition pilot and we are proud to work with him teaching new pilots in Victoria.

Rich is supported by Conan Burch and Callum Fry, an A-grade team and sure to have some fun along the way.

Good luck Rich and team – We’re all wishing you great success and an amazing journey.

Tasmanian PG2 course just completed!

17.3.22 Well done to the 6 newly licensed pilots in Tasmania!

What a course – we chased conditions around some great sites in Southern and central Tasmania, managing to achieve licensing for all in the end. Congratulations and look forward to seeing you all in the air in the future.

Where we began…..

Airology started out as just an idea: I loved paragliding and wanted to share that passion with others.

It began with taking friends for tandem flights in Tasmania and Victoria, followed by taking XC (Cross Country) tours for visiting pilot groups.

This quickly grew and before I knew it, I was working for a (now) good friend Wally and his fantastic business. He mentored me and together we’ve been producing a great and numerous bunch of pilots who are safe, knowledgable and have a great deal of fun doing what they do. Some of our students are absolutely smashing out flights and continually bettering themselves, scoring flights of well over 100km in mixed terrain.

I realised that I wanted more, and besides a plan to share some of the amazing places I’ve flown in Europe, I wanted to start building my own business.

Fast-forward a few years, and here I am, Chief Flight Instructor of my own business- Airology – because it’s all about the air – our medium for adventure!