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Airology Paragliding was born from the passion and adventure found in the Alpine Tasmania and North East Victoria paragliding, back-country hiking and rock climbing communities. Phil Joughin, Founder and Chief Flying Instructor, was born and raised with adventure on his doorstep in Tasmania and a passion for the mountains.

Phil’s journey led him and his community to find paragliding. His passion for the outdoors, the natural environment, adventure with friends and the culture and community it fosters is echoed in the values of Airology: Safety, community, sustainability and adventure.

The school calls the Kiewa and Ovens Valley home, with a passion for building a strong culture around hike and fly, vol biv (hike, fly and camp), some coastal fun and all round good piloting.

These values extend to our sales ethos, where safety advice will always guide our sales to ensure our pilots have the right gear for the adventures they want to have. From back packs, shoes, tents and wings – they have the network and knowledge to turn your dreams into reality.

Col Rodella launch, Italy – Dolomites

our team

phil joughin

Founder and Chief Flying Instructor

Phil started paragliding after a climbing trip in Switzerland. A paraglider flew past at 1000 metres above the valley floor and he was instantly intrigued.

He was captivated as they glided over the valley, catching thermals up the face of the opposite mountain only to soar deeper into the mountains at cloud base. Flying for hours, they had achieved endless kilometres all with just the wind and rising air – amazing!

“I needed to know more, so I booked a tandem flight to try it out. Half way through – I was hooked and already planning to look up where I could learn once I arrived back in Australia. Six weeks later I was on a course and it changed my life!”

Phil has continued to travel to some of the world’s best flying sites. Exploring sites and different flying techniques including Tasmania (his old home) in the rugged South West on hike and fly missions, across Victoria, NSW and Queensland and of course meeting wonderful people and pilots that make up our tribe along the way.

More than 10 years on Phil feels privileged to bring this amazing sport into people’s lives.

Marie Sophie


Born in France, Marie discovered paragliding in 2012 when she was 23 years old. As she finished her Masters in Engineering she was introduced to the sport and since then, the sport has been a central part of her life.

“When you start, everything is new, you discover a new world, the perception of nature, the sky and everything around you evolves. You gain a new respect for the environment and you grow with it.”

After 11 years, including 9 in Australia, Marie has seen and experienced much in the world of paragliding. Marie is motivated to share the wisdom and passion with new pilots. To show them what they can learn in just a few days. She never gets tired of seeing the smiles stuck on the faces of new pilots as they see a new world around them.

Ramon Brasnja


Ramon has been flying since 2010 has continued to enjoy exploring and discovering Tasmania’s versatile flying environments and progressed rapidly with overseas flying adventures. In 2018 Ramon began his instructing journey, motivated by a love of catering to all learning styles and embracing the coaching and teaching challenge it unearths. Ramon is a trainer and assessor for high risk work places, finding risk-based solutions and first aid response.

“I simply love introducing people to the magic that is free flight.”

Introducing new pilots to the paragliding world was a natural progression and passion for Ramon and a perfect fit for the Airology culture.



The Airology Team have a passion for flying and love sharing that passion with others.

With a preventative safety approach and focus on skills proficiency we ensure all coaching, instruction and client engagement focuses on an individual approach. We know that the needs of each person is different and how they grow and experience the world is too. Our curiosity to understand and work with this is how we operate, and something our students really appreciate.

Free flying is a wonderful adventure. It tests and challenges but rewards personal and technical growth with magical life changing moments. Airology wants to share by building a community of safe and technically skilled pilots and a community that wish to see the sport grow from strength to strength.