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It’s all about progression

We offer advancement clinics for each step of your progression including:

VHF endorsements

Strong Wind speciality; launching, top landing and ground handling

Mini Wing endorsement

Tandem Endorsement

XC and Thermal clinics

Fiesch, Switzerland
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Being a pilot isn’t just learning to fly. To be safe we need to stay current, learn from others and learn from our mistakes.

A great pilot regularly ground handles, flies as often as they can and spends time on the hill watching others and monitoring conditions.

Our medium is invisible and that’s part of the amazing feeling we get when we are soaring like birds. Your proficiency is key to enjoying that feeling and maintaining a safe, fun and long flying career.

meet our….


Our experienced and talented Instructors will look after you , whether it’s a tandem flight over the beautiful surrounds, or learning to Paraglide in one of the most scenic and stunning places for Paragliding in Australia.

Phil Joughin – Chief Flight Instructor


Ramon Brasjna – Flight Instructor