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Learn to fly

Are you ready to experience the freedom of paragliding? To make some new friends who share a love of limitless horizons?

Our instruction takes you from never having touched a paraglider to soaring high above the hills making your own decisions. Our expert team tailor your instruction in ways that ensure you can safely maximise your learning and become a licence paragliding pilot recognised by the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA).

Still unsure but curious – check out the video below and ask about our two day introductory course.

Are you a skydiver? Ask us about our conversion course!

Hear from our students.

Join us for the Season of 23-24

  • Course 1: 28 October – 5 November
  • Course 2: 18-26 November
  • Course 3: Maximise your summer and attend our special long course from 13 – 24 January
  • Course 4: 9-17 March (places still available)
  • Course 5: 13-21 April (places still available)

Cost – $2700


What to expect

You will be intellectually, physically and emotionally challenged and deeply fulfilled as the theory and the practice are combined. This is a jam-packed course that will leave you exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure – with life long friends and a supportive community on your new journey.

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When it’s flyable, we fly!

We will ensure you maximise every opportunity to gain safe flight experience. When the weather allows – you will be in the air. When it’s not, we will be kiting the wings or teaching and studying so you complete your theory exam.

Complete service

We are a school but also sell all the gear you need to fly safe, well and comfortably. We pride ourselves on the partners we have built who put equal focus on safety, sustainability and enjoying all the ways pilots can enjoy paragliding. From competition, acro, cross country and hike and fly or speed wing adventures.

More Information

Course Size – You have one instructor per 3 students maximum, with a maximum of 6 students. We make sure you have our undivided attention during your course. When your feet leave the ground, you will have at least 2 instructors supporting you at all times.

Theory – This is a necessary and important component of your course which includes Rules of the Air. When we can’t fly due to weather, we will be completing your theory requirements in our classroom or in situ. Theory includes videos, workbooks and a final written exam.

Flights – You will complete a minimum of 30 solo flights from a variety of sites. High flights will range from 300 – 500m above ground level (AGL). You will also perform many low slope flights (training slope) to make sure you are as comfortable with safe and essential launch and landing skills. Again, these are supported by Instructors who will be in constant radio contact with you.

What we cover – 9 Days of tuition1; equipment fit, interpretation and setup; safety checks; interpreting and planning for conditions; launch and landing techniques; ground handling instruction and techniques*; training slope flights*; instructional tandem flight, building confidence in your ability to safely control the paraglider in all phases of the flight; first high flights; landing approaches (Figure 8 and Aircraft style); ridge soaring; thermalling; safety techniques including Rear-Riser Steering, Big Ears (descent technique) and Speed Bar; recovery; weather analysis; flying with others; packing and storing your gear; exam support and review; radio calls; review of flights (including video review) and discussion/demonstration of equipment.

*Ground Handling and Training Slope Flights are where we’ll build your skills and confidence to be a great pilot and a safe pilot!

1We also provide 2 further days of support for our students as part of their licence fee.

Typically we are able to complete all training requirements within the 9 days and have you fully certified as a PG2 pilot. If weather impacts on our ability to complete the course, we will find a contingency – usually able to finish by adding a day or 2 onto the end of the course. If the student requires extra days due to absence, extra days will be charged at $350/day#.

2Our training fleet is often brand new. We offer purchase of your wing as part of a package at an introductory price.

Equipment – All the equipment you need to fly is provided: Wing2, Harness, Helmet (feel free to use your own), radios, variometer. We recommend wearing solid footwear, a warm jacket, gloves (mtb or thin work gloves), sunglasses and a drink bottle. Sock savers (small gaiters) also advisable is grass seed season.

Memberships – You will need to join SAFA (our governing body) as a student member ($25). Once you complete your course, there will be a gap payment for full membership as a pilot.

Safety – “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent” rings true for Phil and the Airology Team. Drawing on decades of work in the adventure and safety industry from his teenage years leading tours in Tasmania, mountain climbing and adventure training, providing first aid response to movie companies or now as a Victorian Ambulance Community Officer – safety comes first. Your entire beginner course will provide preventative safety culture while empowering you to practice safe and informed pilotage and decision making.

A typical Day in the life

Meet at 8am -to check weather and select our flying site/s.

A warm-up flight, noting we usually take our first solo flight on Day 2!

Continued work on take-off and landing technique with an instructor with you on launch and at landing.

Build targeted skills as we progress including more advanced safety, decent and speed system skills.

Ground handling when it’s too strong to fly but building your high wind launch and landing skills in the middle of the day.

Lunch plus maybe some…theory for fun, until the afternoon session is flyable.

Further flying, with the aim for magic air sunset flights.

Daily debrief, look at tomorrow’s weather and plan for another awesome team flying day!


The Days are pretty big: so make sure you eat, drink and sleep well. Please ensure you are present and focused – these courses rarely work well for you if you have competing activities planned. If it’s flyable, we fly!

#These will be negotiated as we understand Covid and other situations may be out of the student’s control.